Corruption in Latin America is a problem that is systemic and deep-rooted in business culture and political strategy. Despite significant efforts from the public sector, private entities, advocacy groups, - corruption continues to plague and economically hinder the region. 
Recent scandals have confirmed that bribery and abuse of public office are endemic and part of business in Latin America. Largely due to complex bureaucratic procedures and confusing legal systems combined with weakness in oversight , violence and organised crime, corruption has swelled out of control.
Above is a screen recording made of the corrupted lines environment in cinema 4d. Along this video, the screen recording shows the scene being rendered in specific snippets. 
The movie above highlights the first prototype of this virtual reality environment, where the aim of the work is to immerse individuals into an environment where all they see are data points that are directly associated to corruption in Latin America. 
From Operation Carwash in Brasil, to Nicolás Maduro's rule in Venezuela, this work aims to evoke a feeling of despair, helplessness confinement and anxiety upon users, where the purpose of evoking such negative emotions does not only serve to shock users into understanding how corruption and politics in Latin American countries, are but sides of the same coin. 
This work was made in the March 2019.
Current politic events and recent corruption scandals after such period are not discussed. 
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