Welcome to the temple of Goddesses 
... that exist within you. 
"Like Água" invites you to embark on a transformative journey of  self-discovery, guided by the metaphor of Water. Drawing inspiration from forgotten Brazilian Indigenous mythologies, the artist sought to redefine her sense of self by understanding who she was outside the context of what she was made to believe herself to be. 
Follow the currents of  Yebá Bëló, Jacy, Guaracy, and the ever-shifting tides of Água as they reveal the interconnectedness 
of masculine and feminine energies within us all.
Full VR Experience
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Sound Design : Fran Acàmer Mateu
You called upon the Goddesses 
& the Goddesses called you. 

You are being called
to bear witness 
to your own


Will you heed the call?
The Great Mother 
Goddess of the Universe : Yebá Bëló 
She, the Great Mother, Goddess of the universe goes by various names in Amerindian cosmology. Yet regardless of the different names used for her reference, She, Yebá Bëló, exemplifies the patterns governing this life-filled sphere we call home. 
Seen as the creator mother to all the forces of life we know to be,  Yebá Bëló invites us to embrace the chaotic nature of our. existence. 
Her myth an ode to chaos, as without it, life simply could not be .
Sun & Moon 
Mother of Light : Jacy
Mother of Life : Guaracy 
Jacy and Guaracy invite us to look into our own dualistic essences. By highlighting how darkness is not agnostic to light, nor death to life; but rather an aspect of being highlighted through the mother of light and life.
The Moon
The Tupí Guaraní saw gender as being only a temporary piece of clothing. They understood and acknowledged the universality of gender within each and everyone of us. They understood and respected the flow of positive and negative forces that flow infinitely within us. 
Água : Water
Agua invites us to mutate our current perceptions of self and gender. 
Let us and ebb and flow away from a singular individualised sense of self by acknowledging the universally connected state of collective existence. Let us pay homage to water as she flows and ebbs, hydrating-ly nourishing the vines that pulse through the beating pulse of our conscious existence.
The Royal Academy of Arts
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