This work aims to discuss issues of mental health, primarily that of Anorexia and Depression.
In this work, the artist sought to represent the movement that exists in ones mind when gripped by these disorders. Presented in the form of an installation, the work commences with the artists narration of her own personal experience with anorexia, by transporting the viewer into her own mind when the disease was at its most severe.
Her narration then paves the way to a letter the artist wrote to her older brother, who throughout her ordeal developed a severe case of depression. The letter was never sent, as the artist believes the letter would inhibit her brothers battle against the torment that has come to plague his mind. The artist hopes that through this piece, viewers will get a glimpse as to the nature, and severity of both these mental health diseases.

The installation also makes use of a swing, where individuals are asked to sit on the swing, whilst undertaking the experience. The swing is thus a representation of the duplicity of these disorders on the spirit of the individual. Despite its childish connotations, the swing, when in motion, propels individuals forwards and backwards; similarly how both anorexia and depression propels the individuals it inflicts with moments of joy, and recovery, as well as moments of doubt, and inflicted pain.

When placing her and her brothers experience in a wider context, this work discusses the co- dependance and co-creation of a brother and a sister, and the internal forces which move these two through their mental and physical worlds and body's

The artist hopes that this piece will spark new conversations around mental health disorders as society's stigma surrounding mental health, has impeded most of those who suffer from these issues from seeking help; thus perpetuating the viciousness of these diseases by forcing individuals to suffer in silence.
By recording my own voice, and playing with different sound elements using Adobe Audition, I wanted to create a sound piece that was able to take users through a auditory journey, in hopes of sparking new conversations surrounding mental disorders
Process Book Movement
Afer this initial brainstorming phase, I decided to investigate more issues regarding the movement in ones mind. 
By taking inspiration in my own experience with Anorexia, as well as my brothers' experience with Depression. 
Below is a letter I wrote for my brother; a letter which I still have not gotten the courage to send. 
Different Visual Trials which I wished to overlay with the Final Piece
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