Quietly Mellow 
Shadows Seemingly Swimming
Above The Headstone
Segredo (Portuguese)
O amor é um segredo 
Que nos deixa ileso 
Ao medo de desvenda-lo 
You and I 
Sometimes in the silence of night 
I let my mind wander 
Towards the energy of us. 
Invasively intimate, -   
yet sorrowfully healing.
That is what You have become
in the context of I.
Be Like water 
Bending, adapting, shifting
 by tides and currents
guided by Iemanyá. 

Like a fish
That can't be preyed. 
I'll adapt and let go of all 
that does not belong
to me. 
Sometimes two winds collide
Alluringly sucking 
winds to its centre
Forcefully pleasing, - 
Such pull will be. 

So heed my warning,
 My dearest breeze

For the tempest of storms
Takes only one ill fated wind

Nefariously concealing 
Wickedness for attraction. 
Pleasure Impulses
Why do I keep doing this to myself? 
Why do I keep my heart so open, - so vulnerable to attack?

 Do I enjoy getting cut? 
Do I gain pleasure  from such perversive intrusion? 

Have I not learned the true colours of men? 
Their' urges and impulses are immutable my darling. 

Do not mix your story with theirs. 

Draw your own success .
Build your own prophecy.

Do not Dare let your heart 
become filled with their darkened essence. 

For this ailment that plagues all men, 
Does not belong in the essence 
Of a Divine Feminine
         such as yourself
Light & Darkness
I have come to realise 
How life is more than the contrast of light and dark.
Often times we forget to gaze upon the details in such contrast; 
How everyday we are made to experience LIFE
An intricately composed web of varying bright and dark shades. 
Inherently divine in its balanced composition. 

Everyday we are painting in its’ missing pieces
Always balancing the dark with the light 
For without its balance 
we would lack strength and confidence
 to dive head first in moments bathed in light. 
I am stronger than you think 
I do not let the shackles brought with you 
Keep me imprisoned in the illusion 
Of love you created. 
For you, - my captor 
Do not hold power, 
Nor strength, 
To keep a woman, - like me 
     on false pretences . ​​​​​​​
As days pass 
Colours seem brighter. 
The wind which once pierced, -  
Funny how reality alters
Once my spirit latched free
from your torment. 
As a Women is Sought a Girl is Found
You are at that restless and doubtful age
Like a day that seems to be unsure if to bring the shine from sun or that of the moon 
Pairing a short butt height dress with a make belief princess stamped on her bag 
A bit of a child, and a bit of a lady

Sometimes foolish, other times modest 
Perfecting the marriage of madness and sanity
With childish traits and women gestures 
Studying catechism and streaming Porn 

A girl that is no more a child, as she is a lady
A girl that thinks she knows yet has a lot to learn 
From touching the throbs emanating from her growing breasts
To lying with a moving pillow in between her legs 
She is adorable as she is divine 
An enigma which will only flourish with time.
O Que é a Vida? (Portuguese)
O que é a vida sem a busca eterna do Amor? 
A caça aquela sensação única mas não solitária,  
O toque e a intenção detrás de cada gesto, 
cada beijo,
toque; - 
cada suspiro confessionário cantado ao seu ouvido.

O lamento é que em essa busca, 
o coração se molda, - 
perdendo a faísca daquela sensação divina 
que era, -  te Amar 

Aquela pureza do olhar 
com cada ferida, 
com cada promessa não cumprida, 
com cada dia que você escolheu 
não me fazer sentir vista. 

 Contigo meu coração foi forçado a se curar; 
Forçado a se fechar com agulhas enferrujadas
e com fios sanguentados. 

Eu aprendí que Amar 
é aprender a ser feliz com a solidão.

A Poem for my Brother 
My dear brother,
If you're reading this
You survived 
The years of billowing silence 
Imposed by the negative forces
floating around your bedside

From torn out broken shadows 
That awaken with the moon
To the chirping of black crows
Outside of your bedroom

To the white blankets now frosted 
Dangling idly near your fence 
To your amber stricken window 
That has never opened vent 

To the once brightly lit ambers
That danced within your eyes 
naively gave entry to torment 
Who took refuge in your mind

From wounds to scars 
Perceived by others as self inflicted 
Are in truth remnants 
Of the continuous war 
Between weakness and perseverance

The wounds of torment 
Now etched in your gaze,
Are the result of the chains 
Torment brought with it 
To block the exit of your mental maze

It is not your fault 
That you no longer see
The beauty that lives 
withIn your very being 

It is not your fault 
You found solace in fiction
And it is not your fault 
Torment chose you as its victim

But it is my fault 
To not have noticed torment within you
And it is my fault 
As a sister,
To not have guided you
Through the beauty
That is non-fiction 

My beautiful, smart, caring brother 
I am so sorry that you’ve forgotten 
The life one can live 
When ones’ mind, 
Free of Torment, 
is conditioned to not only breathe, 
But LIVE  

Escrito 13.05.2021
It is a shame 
that in a world filled with information and connection
Built around centuries of words and expressions
People still find excuses for war

It is a shame
that women are still being censored
How our nakedness is used
to perpetuate the capitalist agenda
Of diet pills and zero sized mannequins

It is a shame
How young girls believe their bodies are not to be accepted
How their beauty is not something to be cherished
But cleansed
                                         and perfected

It is a shame   
How young boys believe their manliness
is based on their emotional                                                                                              disconnection
Spurring a generation
That believes anger is better than acceptance

It is a shame
How our intelligence
Is based on our capacity to vanquish
our personal agendas
As we are made to compete with neural networks
That work faster than our own

It is a shame
that we still live in a world
That has systematically placed people in boxes
where privacy 
has become the enemy of profit 

It is a shame 
that so much shame can be found
in a world that was dealt all the right cards 
to thrive.
Petals once vivaciously full 
Withered by unwatered intentions  
Echoing life, once brightly lived.
Emotional intelligence 
is just a reflection 
of choices made & mentality carried 
in moments 
snatched by chaos.
Etching Memory 
Look at those shut eyes 
Look how at peace they seem 
Look at those wrinkled hands
Look how restful they appear to be
Look at those pale lips 
Look and remember how they once were 
Look at her resting head and
Look to remember her once olive tone 
Look and please don’t dare forget
Look to remember, 
for remembering is the only 
look at her you’ll ever again get .​​​​​​​
Mistaken I was when I thought our love to be true 
Mistaken I was when I chose to hide my truths from all minus you 
Mistaken I was to trust you completely 
Mistaken to be mistaken that I was yours truly and freely 
Mistaken I was to ignore your negative comments 
Mistaken I now know I was 
But when one feels love cannot be mistaken 
Then the more mistaken in love one becomes.
Broken Rose ​​​​​​​
If you're reading this, -  you survived 
The months of billowing silence
Imposed by the negative forces
Floating around your bedside 

From torn out broken shadows
That awaken with the moon 
To the chirping of black crows 
Outside on your harpoon 

From frosted bath towels 
To your amber stricken pans 
Torment lives within the faces 
Of this god forsaken den 

If you’re reading this 
Then you survived 
The broken fragments brought 
By this partitioned abyss of time
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